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Mentor Night

Mentor Night
April 16, 2014


Mentor Program 2014 Kickoff!
Dear Parents,
Your 4th or 5th grade child brought home a brochure last week describing the Mentor Program. This is a fantastic program which allows students to pursue a special interest or talent in any area by working with a mentor or expert from the local community. The first step is for your child to complete the very brief Student Proposal Form due back December 2nd in the “Mentor Program” box on the LSPA table outside the school library.  We had over 100 students participate last year and are looking forward to an equally successful program this year. Please encourage your child to consider what area they might like to explore!
We need mentors!
The program is made possible by members of the community who volunteer to serve as mentors. If you or someone you know would be interested in sharing your profession/talents with a student or small group of students, please let us know!
  •  Mentors meet with students two to four times during February and March to share information about their expertise on a particular topic.
  • They provide direction to students as they develop their presentation for the Sharing and Recognition Event April 16th, 2014. Mentor presence at this event is welcome but not required.
  •  For a small amount of effort they make a big impression on our students!
Attached is the Mentor Program brochure and Student Proposal Form that went home with your child last week.
Please contact us with questions! There is a committee member liaison for each class who can help answer any questions. Names and contact information are on the back of the brochure.
Committee Co-Chairs:
Karen Caputo,
Sharon O’Brien,

Mentor Night Explanation 2013-2014

2013-2014 Student Proposal

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