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Boards and Committees

2012-2013 Leadership

Co-Presidents Sarah Girotti 781-729-2929 email Sarah
Cristina Seckinger 781-729-3329 email Cristina
Vice President Juanita Carlin  617-628-0999 email Juanita
Secretary Cheryl Shepard 781-729-9337 email Cheryl
Treasurer Jen Pagan 781-721-0157 Email Jen
Asst. Treasurer Lietza Molloy 781-729-1814 email Lietza
Build/Grounds Co-Chair Andy Shepard 781-729-9337 email Andrew
Enrichment/CSA Co-Chair Hannah Niswonger
Events Co-Chair Juanita Carlin
Field Day Co-Chair
Co-Chair Jill Abrahamsen 781-721-0316 email Jill
Gifts Chair Lisa Neyman 781-729-4899 email Lisa
Grade 5 Comm. Co-Chair Laura Krotky 781-721-9222 email Laura
Co-Chair Jen Degnan
Handbook Chair Lara Terry 781-369-1569 email Lara
Literary Lunch Co-Chair  Donna VonHalle  781-721-5612  email Donna
Library Co-Chair Kate Carpini 781-729-1117 email Kate
Co-Chair Anne Bianchini
Mentor Co-Chair  Alison Bayiates
Co-Chair  Jamie Spencer
Newsletter Co-Chair Aylin Flanaghan 781-369-1934 email Aylin
Co-Chair Jenna Barry email Jenna
Directory Chair Deb Whitney 781-729-1179 email Deborah
Volunteer Recruit. Chair Cristina Seckinger 781-729-3329 email Cristina
Ways & Means Co-Chair Annie Westlund 781-721-4792 email Annie
Co-Chair Thea Colman 781-721-0157  email Thea
Room Parent Co-Chair Jayne Micciche 781-729-7289 email Jayne
Co-Chair Kim Khachadourian 781-729-0637 email Kim
School Pictures Chair Jennifer O’Connell
Social Co-Chair Emma Egan
Co-Chair TBD
Special Needs Liaison Barbara Boches 781-721-4437 email Barbara
Technology Liaison
WCSC Co-Chair Sarah Girotti 781-729-2929 emaiL Sarah
Co-Chair Cristina Seckinger 781-729-2929
Health Fair Liaison Beth Bergstrom 781-721-1035 email Beth
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