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A Note From our Principal

December 15, 2012

Dear Lincoln Families,

 As our thoughts and prayers go out to people who have been affected by the tragedy in Newtown, we are busy preparing to help our children deal with this event in the best way possible. At Lincoln School, our plan is to:

 ~provide as normal a routine as possible

~shield young children from details of the event

~respond sensitively and appropriately to their questions and concerns

~if needed, remind them of the things we do to keep them safe

~be mindful that some children may not communicate their fears but will still feel anxious

~stay in communication with parents as needed

 We will not bring up the Newtown event with children but we will be prepared to help them deal their feelings. If your child knows about Newtown and is upset, encourage them to talk with an adult at school. We will do our best to address their feelings and to reassure them that we have many ways to keep all the students and adults at Lincoln School safe today and every day.

If needed, staff members will refer your children to our two school psychologists, Lauren Garneau and Caitlin Culhane and/or our district social worker, Anne Ludlow.

 All our schools have incident management teams (IMT) that meet regularly to review safety and security procedures. This is also done in conjunction with the other schools, the Winchester Police Department and the Winchester Fire Department.  All IMT met at their schools on Friday and communicated with one another and with Superintendent McAlduff.  I will meet with the Lincoln staff Monday morning before school to discuss the collaborative strategies that were shared and to ensure consistency when responding to our students.

 Feel free to call me if you have questions or concerns. Once again, please know that our number one priority is the safety of all students and staff. Please give your children a hug from all of us.


 Kate Scanlon


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