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Weekly Update…Welcome back from vacation!

April 23, 2012

Hope you all had a great, fun, and safe break. Here’s Lincoln at a glance this week!

LincLetter April 23, 2012

This Week’s Calendar at a glance:

April 24 7:00 5th Grade Transition Night

April 25 6:00-7:30pm Lincoln Mentor Night, Lincoln Gym

Website of the week: Bedtime Math!
A great site with fun math problems for you to mull over with your kids. Great for kids 3-12. They’ll even email you daily problems to snuggle with at night! Here’s yesterday’s email for a taste:

X-Ray Vision Carrots

In a world full of yummy, salty, fatty junk food, it’s hard to get anyone to eat a fresh vegetable. If you’ve ever tried to pitch broccoli at kids who don’t already love it, you know what I mean. But there is hope: a 2009 study found that when given carrots called “X-Ray Vision Carrots,” kids ate almost twice as many of them! Then here at Bedtime Math we tried “Power Ranger Peas,” with similar success. So maybe that’s all we need to do (wait…should we be giving away our secrets to the kids?).

Either way, no matter how many veggies we like, we’re probably not eating enough of them – especially when you see what they can do for you.

Wee ones (counting on fingers/hands): If you can fit 5 Power Ranger Peas on a spoon, and you eat 4 spoons of them, how many peas did you eat?

Little kids: If you can slice an X-Ray Vision Carrot into 8 little circles, how many slices can you get from 3 carrots? Bonus: If you need to eat 15 of those slices to have X-ray vision, how many more are left on the plate?

Big kids: If an ear of Extreme Energy Corn has 12 rows of kernels, and there are 10 kernels in a row, how many kernels are there? Bonus: If you need to eat 3 ears of corn to jump over a 5-story building, how many kernels is that?

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